Is your home as air tight and energy efficient as it can be? Renovating your home with costly new windows, storm doors and insulation are important energy saving solutions; however if your registers are not Elima-Draft® covered then you're not completely covered.

Elima-Draft® Covers are the solution to the age old problem...heat loss and cold drafts escaping from your A/C vents and registers during winter months. Our Elima-Draft® covers were designed with comfort in mind. They install in seconds and require no tools.

Elima-Draft® Covers are NOT JUST FOR STEEL REGISTERS! They can be used on ALUMINUM REGISTERS as well…  
Our uniquely engineered design strategically positions magnets on the underside of the Covers that create a magnetic draw between the magnets and the steel mounting screws that come with your A/C registers… They install in seconds. There are no clips, fasteners, strings, Velcro, or time wasted... It’s That Easy!!! Our covers can also be put in place and removed by simply using a standard suction cup pole attachment, thereby ELIMINATING ladders, step stools  or chairs. 


Take the Elima-Draft® Challenge-Buy 1 cover and try it...we guarantee will like it! If you are not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund..Hassle-free!


Be sure to visit your local Elima-Draft® Retailer. Check out our hands on display and see for yourself why
Elima-Draft® is the Home Improvement that pays for itself

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